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Thread: duplicate rows

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    duplicate rows

    Hi, I have a table which has duplicate rows and I want to put a primary key on two of the columns say col A and B (composite key). The problem I have is I can remove duplicate rows with the script below from col A

    delete from &&table_name t1
    where t1.&&column_name in (select &&column_name,
    from &&table_name t2
    where t1.rowid < t2.rowid
    and t1.&&column_name = t2.&&column_name)

    This will remove all duplicates from col A however there is some data
    in col B which is needed and when combined with col A make it unique
    see the example below. when I run the above remove script. It removes one of the 5 entries which is not what I want!

    which is
    A B C
    5 123
    5 124
    6 567
    7 568

    How do I do this?


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    ... where (t1.a, t1.b) in (select a,b from ...)
    Best wishes!

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    delete from t1 a where a.rowid in (select a.rowid from t1 b where a.a=b.a and a.b=b.b and a.rowid
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    Problem resolved
    Many Thanks.

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