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    Bitmap Indexes on Partitions without using LOCAL

    Hi everybody!

    I created a table with partitions und want to user the so called "user managed partition". That means, i have heard that it is possible to create a bitmap index on this part without using local, like:

    create bitmap index xx_bitmap on table(col)
    (partition p1,...). This doees not work. But if i use
    create bitmap index xx_bitmap on table(col) LOCAL (partition ...) it works. The task is to drop a partition withou affecting another bitmap indexes.

    Has anyone experience to help me to find a nice way

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    well if it's local then you can drop partition without affecting other indexes in other partitions

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    From the Oracle9i SQL Reference:
    You cannot specify BITMAP when creating a global partitioned index
    Which means that a bitmap index has to be local

    I also got a short question: what benefit do you exepect of having a global bitmapindex?

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