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    Schema A

    I have a database with 2 schemas
    Schema A and B

    There is a table in A which has 3 columns which also exist in a table in B. I want to perodically update the data in A into the 3 cols in B
    what is the best way to do this.

    Export Import is not an option.

    I was thinking of creating a private db link on schema A poiting at Schema B and just rightign a simple update script to update the 3 cols and then just scheduling that update script, Is there a better way to do this e.g a dbms package!

    Thanks in advance

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    if both the tables are in the same database then u can avoid dblink .

    just give a select and update grant on table from schema A to Schema B . then create a simple update statement in a package and schedule this package through dbms_job.submit at the frequency u wanted.
    siva prakash

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