piecemeal upgrade 8.1.6 t0 8.1.7
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Thread: piecemeal upgrade 8.1.6 t0 8.1.7

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    piecemeal upgrade 8.1.6 t0 8.1.7

    I am trying to upgrade a database from to 8.1.7. The problem is i am limited with space, so i cannot have 2 oracle homes. I do not want to completely overwrite the oracle 8.1.6.as i have been told that this is not a very good idea although oracle manual says you can. is there a method to actualy do a piecemeal upgrade on just the necessary components without corrupting the whole process. I would really aprreciate some response on this matter.

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    This post is in the wrong place. when I do an upgrade I get a full export as system, uninstall Oracle. Then I install and configure the new version of Oracle. Including the creation of locally managed tablespaces and then I do a full import as system ignore=y commit=y buffer=102400 etc. As long as you have room to store the export that is the way I would go.

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    No problem when upgrading with a single oracle_home. The universal installer will itself deinstall the 816 before starting installing the 817. Once done, run the ODMA utility or run u0801060.sql as
    Make sure the init.ora parameter job_queue_process is set to 0 before u migrate the DB after installation of the binaries.
    There is also 1 more parameter - _system_enabled_trig to b taken care of, Not sure whether its true of false. Suggest you check it out. Its easy but ensure you have some backups before u proceed.

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