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    Transport tablespace for migration of DB


    Just a Quicky...

    Can i use Transport tablespace feature to migrate databases from 8.1.6 to

    If the block size & hardware and Os is same???what are the restrictions in it


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    I think it is possible technicaly.. (lower version to higher version).. But, I am not sure about the bugs related to this.

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    Information from Oracle 9i Database Administrator Guide

    To use the transportable tablespaces feature, the COMPATIBLE initialization parameter for both the source and target databases must be set to 8.1 or higher. If the block size of any tablespace being transported is different from the standard
    block size for the target database, the COMPATIBLE initialization parameter must be set to 9.0 or higher for the target database. You are not required to be running the same release of Oracle for both the source and target database. Oracle guarantees that the transportable tablespace set is compatible with the target database. If not, an error is signaled at the beginning of the plug-in operation.

    It is always possible to transport a tablespace from a database running an older release of Oracle (starting with Oracle8i) to a database running a newer release of Oracle (for example, Oracle9i).

    When creating a transportable tablespace set, Oracle computes the lowest compatibility level at which the target database must run. This is referred to as the compatibility level of the transportable set. When plugging the transportable set into a target database, Oracle signals an error if the compatibility level of the transportable set is greater than the compatibility level of the target database.
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