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Thread: running the script

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    running the script

    I'm not sure how to execute your script. Do just need to change the SIDs and the paths and run the script. Can you be a little more specific on how I ge the script to run.

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    When I run the script I type ". oraenv" and press enter. I will then be prompted for the sid. I will type in the sid that I want to connect to and then my environment will be changed to that sid. We use it in a multi-homed system. I'm not 100% sure how it will work on your system. But you can do a sqlplus system/manager press enter and then type select * from global_name to verify that you are where you should be.

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    After you install oracle your oraenv script should be located in /usr/local/bin/oraenv. Verify that that is the case and make sure that /usr/local/bin/oraenv is inluded in the path.
    Also make sure that oratab file normally located in /etc has entries
    for all databases with properly set oracle_home:

    type . oraenv and you will be prompt to enter ORACLE_SID if you set
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