Sql Loader Problem
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Thread: Sql Loader Problem

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    Sql Loader Problem

    Hi all,

    I am loading some data from one table that was in .csv to Oracle and I have some problem.

    for some reason, data is loaded but I have two problem.

    1. there is only ONE character of the data that was loaded into Oracle and when I look into the log file, I saw the Len in the log file is 1, why was that ???

    2. I have one column and I specify as LONG datatype in Oracle and in .csv file it's MEMO field. for some reason this column is not being loaded and when I view the data in Oracle and it shows LONG instead of the data.

    Can someone tell me what happened here???


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    #1 - if it is comma delimited, then possibly you have a comma in your text. So, when it loads the data, it sees the comma and assumes to move onto the next field.

    #2 - not sure. using long datatypes and attempting to transfer from a MEMO type (foxpro?) is tricky. how long is the data?
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