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    Hi All,

    Anyone has experience using security roles to add a security layer to the database? I have a Java application that connects to the Oracle 9i and I want to avoid other Hoc Tools like SQPLUS to be used to connect to my schema causing a disaster to my data… I thought to create a role with password known only by the Java application, so when the application connects to the database the role is set and when the application disconnect the role set none. I tried this, but using the SQLPLUS tool I’m always able to do undesirable things like dropping a table…

    Any ideas? What is the better solution for my case?

    Thanks and Regards
    Klaus Huewes

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    you can choose using a password or package, query v$session and check for program, if substr(prigram) is such then set role otherwise return

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    Did you create a different user to log-on with that role.
    A user that is not the schema-owner can be restricted in all ways.
    Ben de Boer

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