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    Question Oracle Performance on SAN

    Hi there. I have a general question and could use any feedback anybody could provide. We are running Oracle 9.2 on Windows 2000. We are developing a ColdFusion app using Oracle as the back end. Our company just purchased an EMC SAN box, and are insisting that we use that for our data storage for our Oracle databases. So in essence we will be having a client machine connecting to a ColdFusion server connecting to the Oracle server connecting to the SAN box to retrieve data every time a request comes through.

    My question is this: Does anybody out there have experience administering an Oracle database using SAN? Are the any performance issues to be worried about? Do you have tricks/suggestions for configuration in this type of environment?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Oracle on a SAN is a great thing as long as you follow basic I/O tuning rules. Don't let your EMC guys tell you RAID level doesn't matter; it does. Don't let them tell you everything can go on one filesystem; it can't. When your host is connected to the SAN, you will probably see performance imporovements over SCSI devices because the throughput of Fibre Channel is much better than most (if not all) SCSI.
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    I second Marist89...
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    Thanks for the help so far. Of course they told us it didn't matter about filesystems so here we sit with all of our data showing up on the Oracle server as the D: drive. Don't even know the RAID level (as you suspected, told it didn't matter with a SAN), I'll have to find out.


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