Differential backup at O/s level
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Thread: Differential backup at O/s level

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    Differential backup at O/s level

    Can somebody give me an idea what the differences is between incremental db level and diffrental backup o/s level??

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    Incremental DB backup is at data block level. Different OS backup is at file level.

    Please correct me if I am wrong.
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    Re: Differential backup at O/s level

    Originally posted by jlakhani
    diffrental backup o/s level??
    There is no differential backup at O/S level..

    Incremental or differential incremental backups can be done by using RMAN, which is a block level backup... check "Recovery Manager User's Guide" for more info..

    You can do only full O/S level backup which is backup of physical datafile backup at OS level.


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    well if you are talking about incremental Oracle database backup then there is no way you can do it at OS level, tools like Veritas, Omniback which performs incremental OS backups do them at file level which is useless for Oracle because Oracle files are always checkpointed

    if you are talking about some SAN snapshot mechanism I believe you can do it at OS level (at least I was told so by Compaq several months ago)

    if you are talking about incremental data blocks then RMAN is the only way

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