I just did a recover to a production database . But I still have some confusion :

The database is Oracle8.0.X and working in non-archivelog mode .

Today , The database is not opened and It stays in Mount mode , and Ora-01113 indicate there is a datafile need to have media recover .

As I have only last night export backup file and I don't want to jump
to that long recover process (recreate the db , import the file etc)

So I just try recover database in svrmgr ,(without doing anything before )

Lucky , the system report media recover is successful and I can alter database open .

My exprience told me that recover database is only working in archivelog mode and system will prompt me the archive log file . How it works for nonarchivelog mode database ?

One think I can think is maybe the media recover source is redo log file which 'repair' the damage datafile . I guess if the log switch occured before , there would be no hope for this databse being recovered by using this way .

Gurus , Please clarify my understanding .