Hi all,
I just passed the first exam for DBA certification and I whant to give my impression.
First, I have 2 years experience like ASP-Oracle developper.
I was prepare this exam with 'OCP DBA Certification Exam Guide by Jason Couchman' and STS.

My score was 5 points higher than necessary but I found this exam hard enough to think I was in truble.

I made 0 in Working with composite datatypes, I had no ideea where I was wrong.

Also 1/3 in Multiple-Column Subqueries, and until now I was ignoring the existence of multiple-column subqueries.
Somebody can post a example to see what this look like?

So, like someone said before here, if you can get 99% with STS, you pass, no problem, (59/60 is 98%), seriously, if you do 98-97 with STS, you ok,


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