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    hello Oracle Gurus,
    I need ur help,
    I have created a push button whose function is the same as the push button functions in windows explorer,i mean to say when i press the button for the first time i get the data ordered in ascending order
    and when the same push button is clicked second time the same data gets
    ordered in descending order,so the logic is complete,and what i want now is that," whenever the push buttons are pressed the push buttons must signify that the data is ordered in ascending and descending order as it is seen in windowsNT or windows2000 i.e when the data is in Acending Order An "Inverted 'V'" appears on the button and when the data is in descending Order An "V" appears on the button .
    So How TO design Such Engraved "V" and "Inverted 'V'" on the push buttons.plz help me

    Thanking u all

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    trigger when-button-pressed

    IF sort_order= 'ASC' THEN
    END IF;

    Use the set_item_property built-in to change the label. Off the top of my head, I think it is label (maybe label_text, whatever). You can find the parameter in the Developer/Forms 6i reference book, volume I. The built-ins are listed in alphabetical order.

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