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    Dear All,

    We are a Banking Software Company. We have the following scenarios.

    There will be multiple EOD(End of Day i.e. Batch Jobs) will be running. Suppose, if one EOD crashed, the second EOD or other operations should not be affected.

    Typically, if the EOD is crashed we will have to shutdown the Oracle Database and do the Recovery. If i do this, i can get back only the before first EOD crash DATA. By using EXPORT/IMPORT i can get back other EOD's and other operations data. Since, we are using XMLTYPE for our tables. The EXPORT/IMPORT is failed for XMLTYPE. Oracle confirmed it is BUG. And Oracle said, it will be resolved it in the version.
    Now, the requirement is without EXPORT/IMPORT is there any other way to get back First EOD data and Second EOD & Other operations DATA. We are using Oracle

    Could U help on this issue.


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    Didn't get you. Why should you recover the database if the batch job crashed ?? Why not simply re-run that job?
    Or am I missing something?


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    that probably would be the worst thing I have ever heard, recover a database when batch fails

    if we have to do that in our databases considering the vast amount of batch jobs we have and the size of databases we would be recovering databases all night if there is ever a crash

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