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    I try to load data from a flat with SQLLOADER, on of the field is a char(4000). sqlloader don't work, the field is truncate, and SQLLOADER try to load the rest in an other row.

    Somebody can help me !


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    the char datatype is limited to 2000 karakters.

    eg. concepts guide
    CHAR Datatype
    The CHAR datatype stores fixed-length character strings. When you create a table with a CHAR column, you must specify a string length (in bytes or characters) between 1 and 2000 bytes for the CHAR column width. The default is 1 byte. Oracle then guarantees that:

    When you insert or update a row in the table, the value for the CHAR column has the fixed length.
    If you give a shorter value, then the value is blank-padded to the fixed length.
    If you give a longer value with trailing blanks, then blanks are trimmed from the value to the fixed length.
    If a value is too large, Oracle returns an error.
    Oracle compares CHAR values using blank-padded comparison semantics.


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    Originally posted by denevge
    the char datatype is limited to 2000 karakters.
    I think the original poster is not talking about database type CHAR, I think he has SQL*Loader's type CHAR in mind. This is variable length field datatype and AFAIK its maximum length is indeed 40000 bytes.
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