dumbest question ever asked-but please help
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Thread: dumbest question ever asked-but please help

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    Hi, I know this is the dumbest Oracle question ever asked. But I would appreciate any responses. After installing Oracle Standard Edition for Windows 98 what's the default id and password needed to get into any apps (IE: SqlPLUS)? I thought it was oracle/change_on_install But apparently not.

    Thanks, Will

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    I am not sure if they are all default but try those........



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    you would have installed Personal Oracle, because Windows 98 doesn't support Oracle standard edition. Also you can log into svrmgrl as internal/oracle;

    Your question isn't anywhere close to the dumbest question ever. Given some time I'm sure I could find a better example.

    And yes Eugene the examples you give are default except in 9i SR2 where the the database creation tool makes you change sys and system to something other than the defaults.

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    Oracle under Windows confusion

    Thanks for all of the replies-I appreciate the help. I am pretty confused about a couple of things though. when I Install Oracle 8.17 Standard Edition under Windows 98 IT APPEARS to work. But is this wrong? If Oracle Standard Edition can't support Oracle Standard Edition what is happening? Not only that when I DO TRY to specifically install Oracle Personal Edition I constantly get an error "Invalid staging error. There are no top level components for Windows 95 available for install from this staging error". Anyone have any info about this?


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