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Thread: ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel

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    This problem looks very unique. I think you might need the help from oracle. before that please give me following informations.

    1. Your operatin syste, with versions
    2. oracle database version.
    3. The value of PROCESS from the init parameter file
    4. the value of SEMMSL and SEMMNS from the /etc/system file if the OS is unix
    5. permissions of $ORACLE_HOME/bin if the OS is Unix

    Please post with this values,


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    most probably it's data dictionary corruption

    what it means is there is no FILE$ or V$DATAFILE entry for the tablespace number/relative file number oracle is beging asked to flush. In this case it's ts# 3

    select * from ts$ where ts#=3
    select * from file$ where ts#=3
    select * from v$datafile where ts#=3
    select * from file$ where relfile#=3
    select * from v$datafile where rfile#=3

    Most probably is you would have to recover the database to a state prior to the corruption with point in time recovery.

    However verify this with suppor first

    Since you cannot startup the database, I would probably mount it, query v$datafile, offline tablespace 3 and try to open it

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