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    I have 4 instance created on my machine, and I used ORADIM utility to create them.
    when I tried to connect one of my instance, it gave me the following error
    ORA-01031: insufficient privileges
    I have created my ORAPWD file password file and it is there.
    I also have set my init files: remote_login_passwordfile = shared.
    I have tried none, and exclusive, but nothing works.

    please help.....
    As I mention I have four instance on my machine, and I have database associated with each other. my questions are:

    1. do I need to run all scripts to create datadictionary such as catalog, catproc for each database?

    2. do I need to create password file for each database through orapwd utility.

    3. Is there any way I can make the password being shared amongs the all the database?

    I know theoratically (I might be wrong) if you set the remote_login_passwordfile=share, it can be
    shared among the different database; however, I donot know how to do it practically.
    I have windows 2000 with oracle 8i version
    I am familiar with UNIX PLATFORMS that is why I am
    asking these simple questions.... I am just learning Windows flavor....


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    1. Yes. How else would a database be able to keep track of its objects?
    2. In this case, you could. You can use the same password - you just keep track of the SID when you open an MS-DOS window. See #3.
    3. See below. Yes.
    Setting this parameter to NONE causes Oracle to behave as if the password file does not exist. That is, no privileged connections are allowed over non-secure connections. NONE is the default value for this parameter.

    An EXCLUSIVE password file can be used with only one database. Only an EXCLUSIVE file can contain the names of users other than SYS. Using an EXCLUSIVE password file allows you to grant SYSDBA and SYSOPER system privileges to individual users and have them connect as themselves.

    A SHARED password file can be used by multiple databases. However, the only user recognized by a SHARED password file is SYS. You cannot add users to a SHARED password file. All users needing SYSDBA or SYSOPER system privileges must connect using the same name, SYS, and password. This option is useful if you have a single DBA administering multiple databases.

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