A table was truncated by a batch job and we need to restore the data. We have cold backup and the database is in archive log mode. We don't need any roll forward as the data in the table is stable until the batch job changed it.

We are trying to restore the backup to a test server, open the database, export the table, and import the table to production. Since the table is small and the tablespace where it resides is also small, we want to just restore a partial database.

The question is what files need to be restored from the cold backup? The RBS and TEMP are both very large and we are thinking to skip them and, after the database is open create new RBS and TEMP tablespace. So I guess I need the control files, SYSTEM tablespace file, USER tablespace file, and the affected TABLESPACE.

But how about the online redo log files? Do I need to restore them too? Since the test server mount points are all different, how do I tell the control files that redo log files are changed?