hi all,

Please help us. One of my friend has a windows 2000 system with 240 MB RAM( i know its small ) buts its only for a small institute purpose. He has a database and around fifteen students as users. the win 2k server is connected to around 5 win 2k professional cleints and 10 windows 98 systems. Suddenly the Network is not working. Any network card we install the driver the driver install fine but at the end tells a message sorry the system cannot find the specified file . When we try to uninstall the device it tell " Failed to uninstall The device is needed for windows boot up".
So if anyone could help us what to do either with the network card problem , or if it is possible to shift the whole database to another system. please tell me the ways by which we can transfer the database to another system which is totally new. Either by exporting or any other methods.
Oracle 8.1.6 on win 2k platform.
thanks with regards