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Thread: privileges do not work through roles

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    I have created role role_A and granted select any table system privileges to role_A. I have also created user A.
    I grant the role_A to user A. However, when I login to user A I could not select any tables. What's wrong here? Is there a scrip I need to run to enable this feature. It seems like all of the privileges I grant through a role do not work. I have to specifically grant privileges to user.

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    Just a hunch if you are using pl/sql to select any table then the grant needs to be an explicit grant of the privilege to the user. Otherwise, I'm not sure what the issue is.

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    I belive your problem is not related to roles, but to synonyms.

    Create synonym you want to select from, or use full name notation:

    SELECT * FROM table_owner.table_name;
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    Thanks for the help. gandolf989 reminds me to check it through sql plus. It works there. It just does not work through SQL Navigator. May be some set up in SQL Navigator is not right.

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