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Thread: Backup strategy

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    I have a client that have lost data in the past cuse he did not have a good backup strategy with oracle database.

    I put his database in archivelog mode, duplex controlfile, logfile. A hot backup is made every night and vital files are put on tape.
    The client is still insecure and wants a document that demonstrate that his backup strategy is oracle standard.

    Have any idea where i can get that beside giving him the documentation of backup stategy from oracle?

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    What you have done seems to be good. But make sure that you backup the archive logs and then take a hot level0 backup

    My way would be

    Sun: Level0
    Mon: Level2
    Tue: Level2
    Wed: Level1
    Thu: Level2
    Fri: Level2
    Sat: Level1

    Depending on the archive log generation, backup the archivelogs every 6hrs (your Choice).

    Once in the begining, middle and end of the months, if you can afford, take a cold backup.

    If he has more backup space, then you can initiate a logical backups too.


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    Another approach would be to ask him for his requirements.

    Depending on the maximum time to recovery, the amount of activity on the database and the tolerance for data loss, your strategy might be different.
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    The strategy is done and is ok. The client like i said lost his data in the past, he is insecure.
    Even if we agree on every little details like recovery time and all, he needs a document that tells him everything is done by the book, like oracle want us to do it, like a good dba. The client does not want to read books and documentation that show he has a good strategy, he just want a little confirmation. That is why im asking you guys.
    A web page or something, that does not require more than 5 minutes to read.

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    web site doc on Backup and Recovery

    I love this document. I use it all the time.
    The document is Backup and Recovery by Howard J. Rogers.


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