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Thread: xmldb Question

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    Apr 2002
    hai i have created an xmlschema and registered it.
    (ORacle 9i)
    and created a table of xmltype with xmlschema.

    The xml follows like this


    Time to Think


    I want to write a query to perform the following,

    Like i want to get the author name for the specific Title given.
    I tried using extractvalue in where condition but i got error :"single row returns multiple values" something like that.

    The above is a single xml row.

    IS there any way.

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    For your post, you need to add "["code"]" before your XML code and "["/code"]" at the end so your tags will appear in the forum. Ignore the " marks above - they're in so the board won't try and format what I wrote like this:
    It's hard to get around using the brackets.
    [Edited by stecal on 10-04-2002 at 06:31 PM]

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