Hi guys,

I am just wondering if there is some rules or guidance on when to use Varray and when to use nested table.
Currently I am designing a small database for my company. There is one table that has several columns in which a few of them can contain many records for one primary key record in that table. There are already fixed values from which user can choose from for the these few columns. User also wants it to be available for insertion as to make the new records available for the choosing.


Table A has 5 columns which are AA,AB,AC,AD,AE. AA is the primary key. For every records in AA, there will be many records in AC and AE. There are values are available for choosing to be inserted into AC and AE for one single record in AA. User wants the available AC and AE values to be ready for more additional AC and AE values to be inserted if it's necessary.

Thanks in advance for your guidance.