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Thread: V$LOCK

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    I am seeing 160 row's in my V$LOCK table. These are locks in the database? i startup the database and still i am seeing 160 row's. How do i clear these row's.


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    Okay, I'll take a crack at this:

    1. First do some research to what the locks are and why!
    2. Next start killing sessions

    (these queries are 9i but I'd guess they would work in 8i)
    --See if any sessions are waitng due to locks:
    SELECT sid, seq#, event, wait_time, state, seconds_in_wait
    from v$session_wait a
    WHERE event = 'enqueue'

    --See the DML (inserts, update, deletes) locks per session
    SELECT a.*,b.osuser,b.program
    FROM dba_dml_locks a, v$session b
    where a.session_id = b.sid

    -- Now look at SQL for each session:
    SELECT s.sid , s.serial#, s.status, s.osuser , s.username,
    t.sql_text, s.machine, s.terminal, p.program
    FROM v$session s, v$process p, v$sqltext t
    WHERE t.address = s.sql_address
    and s.paddr = p.addr
    and t.hash_value = s.sql_hash_value
    /* and s.sid = 54 */
    order by p.spid, t.hash_value, t.piece

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