I'm having trouble with getting a materialized view with fast refresh to update. I'm working between two schemas and have the global query rewrite privilege for both users. I've run the catrep.sql script as system and as sys to make sure it had been run and find that it has a lot of packages that don't compile, which I guess is expected as I'm not using Advanced Replication, just mviews. I think the problem is that I can't get the dbms_snapshot package to compile so can't even update the view manually. Is there another script I need to run to make the materialized view updates to work? Some other privilege or variable?
I've granted permissions on tables, views, materialized views, triggers, and snapshots to both users.
The log does get entries but never sends them to the views.

I have a base table and a log on the table in schema 1.
I have a materialized view in schema 2: (this is in preparation for having the base table and view in two separate databases and versions of Oracle.)

create materialized view log on schema1.document
tablespace app_mview
with primary key
( list columns needed);

create materialized view schema2.doc_mv
pctfree 0
tablespace app_mview
storage (initial 128k next 128k pctincrease 0)
refresh fast
start with sysdate
next sysdate + 1/1440
as select * from schema1.document

Does anyone know where my problem might be?
thanks for any help