I have a question about TEMP tablespace, I am using Oracle 9iR2 and Win XP.

The scenario is

I took the complete database backup using RMAN.

I shutdown the database.

I renamed datafiles related to SYSTEM, USERS and TEMP tablespaces, so that during next startup Oracle will not find these files.. (just to generate an error).

As expected I got the error..

I restored datafiles related to SYSTEM and USERS tablespace from rescent backup.

I could able to start the database, everything worked well..

.... My temp datafile is still renamed..

Status of all tablespaces is ONLINE (Even TEMP)

If I query v$tempfile, it shows original name of tempfile which I renamed before restoring database, so logically the file which is displayed by v$tempfile doesn't exist anymore.

As all tablespaces are LOCALLY managed, nothing is stored in data dictionary.. It wasn't also included in RMAN backup.

So in this case which tablespace is getting used for sorts??? because my temp file is still renamed... Where is TEMP file and whats the relation with TEMP tablespace????



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