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Working on Oracle v8i with OS as win2k/NT.Could we practice the same undermentioned concept in Oracle v9i on Sun Solaris E450 Enterprise server which we are about to do shortly!.

I have a query;

1.Say LARGE_POOL_SIZE=485K(default),SHARED_POOL_SIZE=25MB and JAVA_POOL_SIZE=20MB(default) have the following values.

Db is running on Shared Mode(MTS).Is it necessary to have JAVA_POOL_SIZE
with Forms & Reports v6i Oracle D2K.What impact will it create If LARGE_POOL_SIZE is increased from its default value and JAVA_POOL_SIZE increased or decreased!

I am trying to find out as to what is the ratio for these three parameters in order to give good performance!

Will the performance be OK if LARGE_POOL_SIZE AND JAVA_POOL_SIZE parameters are allowed to run on its default values as above!

2.At present each schema is having its own default tablespace and index tablespace.We have around 15 schemas on a 3GB Database.

Will there be any performance overhead in the short run as well as long run,if say 4 to 5 schemas are clubbed into one index tablespace as compared to earlier situation where each schema had its own index tablespace.

By doing this,what impact will be created for Backup & Recovery, maintenance operations.

3.How many indexes(numbers)in total could we create on each table.
Is the ratio of 1:.85 correct for a Table to Indexes!What should be the exact ratio of Indexes to tables(each).

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