Environment: IBM AIX 433 RS6000 and Oracle 817

I have 2 instances with the same name on our machine. One is old and the second is latest.
The old one is created with OFA (physical structure spread across multiple disks) and the new one is all in
one file system (Entire Physical Structure) Database size is also not so big. The new one has the
data that is needed. Now we want to retain the physical structure of the old one and trash the new one
but get the data. I know there are multiple ways to it, but this is what I am planning. Please
edit the steps, since I have questions on control file.. and please respond in detail..

1.From OS - Delete datafiles, redo logs, etc. of the 'old' database.
2.Backup controlfile to trace for new database.
3.Shutdown new database.
4.From OS - copy datafiles, redo logs, etc. from /u15 to other file systems
5.Mount 'new' database
7.Alter Database open
8.Backup controlfile to trace
9.Switch logfiles
10.From OS - remove new datafiles and redologs and controlfiles

Thanks, ST2000