I have two database and I want the replication of one to another.

One is named HAMACA and the other one is DES

HAMACA has a dblink called DES.OTEPI connected to DB DES
DES has a dblink called LABO connected to DB HAMACA

The HAMACA has a table called CLASIFICACION_EMPLEO should replicate in DB DES

I have created a snapshot log to CLASIFICACION_EMPLEO table

Now to create in the DD DES the snapshot of the CLASIFICACION_EMPLEO table I use the following sentence:

create snapshot clasificacion_empleo
refresh fast
with primary key
start with sysdate
next (sysdate + (1 / 1440))
for update as
select * from clasificacion_empleo@labo;

But I read the following error

The following error has occurred:

ORA-12014: table 'CLASIFICACION_EMPLEO' does not contain a primary key constraint

This type of message makes me suppose that HAMACA's CLASIFICACION EMPLEO table does not have a primary key which isn't true as it does and it is ENABLE.

Now if I want to execute the next sentence:
select * from clasificacion_empleo@labo;

It works and I get back the data, which means that the dblink is operating.

When I try to insert a duplicated record in HAMACA's CLASIFICACION EMPLEO table, the primary key does not allow to do this, this means to me that the primary key is functioning.

Hope you can assist me