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    Hi All,

    I wanna Documentation like the Comparison of Oracle with All other RDBMS advantages and disadvantages and Features. If it so that is very helpful to me...

    Please do the needful

    Thanx in Advance


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    Madrid, Spain
    go to google and do a search or try usenet, it has been discussed a few times there

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    Aug 2002

    There is a full comparison in the March 26, 2002 copy of PC Magazine. Oracle was rated #1.

    Try a library or http://www.pcmag.com to see if they have old issues online.

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    Jan 2001
    It's very clear that ORACLE seems to have taken a lead..Most of the Databases perform in more alike but depends on your environment.

    For now you have 3 choices
    Sql Server- MS

    If you really want any some more information- it would not be a bad idea to attend Oracle seminars', and I am not sure if there are any such seminars for DB2 and SQLServer

    There is always a better way to do the things.

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    I think it really depends on what you want a database to do. How can you make a comparison unless you set a criteria?

    I need it to do x.
    I need it to do y.
    I need it to do z.
    I need it to do it for x amount of $$$.

    Each of the major database has its own sweet spots.

    MS SQL Server 2000 is cheap.
    DB2 is cheaper than Oracle and does more than MS SQL Server 2000.
    Oracle does alot but will cost you alot.

    E. Yen
    OCP DBA 8, 8i, 9i

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