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Thread: MTS problem

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    Is there any bug with MTS in oracle version 8.1.7....It never takes the connections in MTS mode.
    And also MINIMUM EXTENT doesn't seems to work.
    Has anybody come across similar problems

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    This are the various bugs reported related to
    MTS in 8.1.7 version of Oracle .

    This are the Bugs reported apart from the one which comes along with the Shipped README.

    So many bugs on MTS its better you can have raise your specific problem with oracle Support.

    1266632==>When running an XA application with database links, it is occasionally possible to get ORA-600 [16352] / ORA-00600 [16377]. This can occur as it is incorrectly possible for a DEDICATED XA session to use a database link if it has previously been opened by an MTS connection. Dedicated connections should raise ORA-24777 when an attempt is made to use a database link.

    1103036==> ORA-24777 using DBLINKs in XA or migratable OCI transactions without MTS. Note: XA sessions MUST be migratable and so must use MTS for DBLINKS. However, OCI initiated transactions may state OCI_TRANS_NOMIGRATE and thus should be allowed to open a DBLINK.

    1032904==> XA client memory leak if OBJECTS=T and threads terminate. Affects Microsoft-MTS

    1281599==> Java RepAPI session crashes on LOB PUSH when MTS_SERVERS>1

    1166178==> MTS servers may crash when using ADTs Note: This is partially fixed in and fully fixed in /

    1262540==> In certain cases when database links are used, it is possible to get a core dump in lxdunld with a stack indicating network code called from opirip from an MTS shared server. On NT this can result in an instance crash.

    1256011==> If ora-4031 is encountered during session creation in MTS, then in 8.0.x the shared server might die w/ ora-600[1113]. In 8.1.x an ora-600[730] (memory leak) will be raised when the instance is shut down.

    1220769==> ALTER SYSTEM SET MTS_DISPATCHER does re-register all dispatchers with the newly named listener address

    1092638==> Using Direct Export with MTS may result in a dump (ORA-7445). Workaround: Do not use MTS for direct export.

    1007024==> When using MTS w/outbound links, and 'alter system kill session', the shared server could core dump without a trace file.

    813929==> ORA-600[16369] could be reported if an MTS client aborts while opening an outbound connection (eg: opening a DBLINK)


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