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Thread: analyze schema VS analyze table

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    Nov 2000
    I have a owner with 400 tables, and about 800 indexes.
    It takes like 3 hours to execute a dbms_utility.analyze_shema(owner, compute);

    But if i do a script with:
    analyze table table_name1 compute statistics;
    analyze table table_name2... etc...

    It takes like 1 hour.

    Question: Does both do exactly the same thing, or analyze_schema does something more?

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    Mar 2001
    Yes they do things a little differently - unintentionally though.

    It's the way the code in the background creates the cursor for the analyze that's different (which have a number of bugs by the way).

    Use dbms_stats.gather_schema_stats(). Even this one is not full proof as I am finding out now.

    Just test out the different methods of gathering statistics to determine which is best for you because of the different methods that they use.

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