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    I don't know exactly if my question is to be posted to the DBA forum, or hre, so I'll just guess that it's a development related one.
    So : we have some packages written with Oracle's utilities from the 8.x version (namely, "Procedure Builder" from Developer 2000). When I try to manage those packages (especially the package bodies) with the new interface from 9i, I'm having problems. When I make an update to the code in the package body (even the smallest one, like inserting a new empty line), when I try to compile it, it stupidly crashes ! As far as I could trap it, it's because it inserts an empty line at the end of the package with a ";" character; after that it stops the compilation, saying that that line with ";" on it is an invalid one !!!
    The code that I see when I click on "Show SQL" button, looks like this :
    END xxxxx;


    I really don't understand why does it puts there the last ";" character, and more, why does it stops compiling.
    If I delete it, it gets back on there, and it start all over again...
    The only solve to this is to delete that last line with the ";" and compile the package with Procedure Builder from a Developer 2000 installed at some client.

    Does any one else had the same problem ?
    And cand anyone give me a hint about how to solve this nasty behaviour ?


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    I've had exactly the same problem, I've also had problems with it changing characters on the compile. I had no luck getting an answer from Oracle so I started using TOAD instead.

    Hope you have more luck.

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