We are doing 650Gb database migration from 8.0.5 over to 9iR2 using 2 different boxes.

The source 8.0.5 database has 4Kb block size and a particular table partition allocates 2.2 million blocks for 10 million records. The pctfree for the partition is set to 5 and the table has one numeric column, three varchars (1 or 2 characters each) and four RAW(2000) columns.
Destination 9.2 database has 16Kb block tablespaces and the same partition allocates 1.4 million blocks with pctfree 1.
Looks like with larger blocks table allocates 3 times more space than in 4K block database.

The question is where I am losing space?

Sergey Popov
National Processing Company, LLC
Louisville, KY