Database 7.3.4 run on unix, Oracle client 9i.

after the network admin install Oracle ADI, the users couldn't connect to the database anymore through the application, if I used SQLPLUS to connect, it connect ok. For sure, it's ORacle ADI problem b/c we have another machine which run 9i wihtout ADI and the application works fine. Below is the errors message when I log into the database from the application.
I got the ORA-01005: null password given; logon denied.

I search on metalink and I got the below advise:

Modify the sqlnet.ora parameter, names.directory_path, to contain the values &
quot;tnsnames, onames" instead of, "onames, tnsnames".
Make sure the tnsnames.ora contains the same entries needed for ADI as the
Oracle Names server.

Does the above advise applicable with your problem??? Anyone face this problem before???