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Thread: Block Corruption, cant start DB -SOS

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    Hello All,
    This is what I get in alert log when trying to start DB.
    If anyone had similar problem before and have any idea how to startup the db anyway please help!

    Thanks alot.

    Tue Sep 17 16:51:25 2002
    Beginning crash recovery of 1 threads
    Tue Sep 17 16:51:27 2002
    Thread recovery: start rolling forward thread 1
    Recovery of Online Redo Log: Thread 1 Group 2 Seq 112952 Reading mem 0
    Mem# 0 errs 0: /db/dwhs/data2/redo_raw/redo_g2_1.log
    Mem# 1 errs 0: /db/dwhs/data2/redo_raw/redo_g2_2.log
    Corrupt block relative dba: 0x1bcecb04 (file 111, block 969476)
    Bad header found during preparing block for write
    Data in bad block -
    type: 112 format: 114 rdba: 0x20646973
    last change scn: 0x0003.1a484def seq: 0x5 flg: 0x70
    consistency value in tail: 0x4def7005
    check value in block header: 0x0, block checksum disabled
    spare1: 0x6f, spare2: 0x64, spare3: 0x7465
    Tue Sep 17 16:53:03 2002
    Errors in file /local/oracle/product/admin/DWHS/bdump/dwhs_dbw1_13174.trc:
    ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [kcbzpb_1], [466537220], [4], [0], [], [], [], []
    Tue Sep 17 16:53:06 2002
    Errors in file /local/oracle/product/admin/DWHS/bdump/dwhs_dbw1_13174.trc:
    ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [kcbzpb_1], [466537220], [4], [0], [], [], [], []
    DBW1: terminating instance due to error 600
    Instance terminated by DBW1, pid = 13174
    Tue Sep 17 16:55:36 2002

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    Looks like your instance was aborted last time and one or all the redo logs are corrupted. So it is unable to roll forward during crash recovery. Yuo may try opening with RESETLOGS option.


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    Thanks for your reply.

    I know there is a corruption in a datafile, and I when i run DBV on it it reports the error is in Data segment.

    You can see it in DBV output (Total Pages Failing (Data) : 1)

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