Hi Gurus,
I am having problem with Replication (8i).
The following steps have been carried out.
Relevant user TEST created in both Master Defn Site A and Master Site B
and granted execute on sys.dbms_defer to TEST, Tables exist with data.
1. Init.ora set for relevant entries
2. catrep ran in both the Master Defn site and Master Site (Lets call A
and B)
3. Globalname set to TRUE, dblink created etc, works fine
4. repadmin created, relevant grants given from sys , registered as
5. Grant any schema, lock any table blah,...
6.Created Replication group in A (Master Defn Site)
7.Added Object to Master Group
8.Generated Replication Support
Query from dba_repgroup shows group quisced. dba_repobject shows pkgs
generated and valid.
9.Added b.world as Master Database at A. Query in dba_repcatlog shows
Query from dba_repsites shows entries for A and B respectively.
From A, i do execute dbms_defer_sys.schedule_push to B.
From B, i do execute dbms_defer_sys.schedule_push to A.
From A, i do execute dbms_defer_sys.schedule_purge to B.
From B, i do execute dbms_defer_sys.schedule_purge to A.
Timing set as 10 seconds.
From the master Defn Site, i do RESUME_MASTER_ACTIVITY.
Do some inserts in A. Commit. Check for entries in B.
The damn thing doesn't work. It does not give any error. I see entries
deftran. I wait for 10 ,20, 30 minutes, but the propogation does not
take place.
Frustrated, i try DBMS_DEFER_SYS.DELETE_TRAN , PURGE etc but
the entry still remains. I check with DBA_JOBS, remove them by using
DBMS_JOB.REMOVE , still entry persists in deftran.
I drop repobject, repgroup , recreate a different group (after
OR whatever it requires), but it gets me nowhere.
Can anyone point out where the leak is?
Obviously I am missing something.

Thanks in Advance.

When Going Gets Tough, Tough Gets Going !!