The application (Developer 6 first release, Forms and Reports) have invoice printing, the size of the invoice papers is 9.6" X 5.5" (inches). Report is designed to use the same paper size! Printer used is Epson LQ-2180 which is the default printer, but the problem is when the form calls the reports it shows me the client server activity and then when its the time of displayin the preview the machines hangs!!! i have tried every possible thing to solve the problem including the printer re-installation and developer re-installation. ONLY the thing if i install HP-2000 printer and reboot machine by making it the default printer and when the machines is started i change the defalt printer to Epson LQ-2180... the reports runs fine and also gives me the preview from where the user prints the invoice. Things seems to be fine with this process but this cant be the solution!!! Also the printer cant be shared on the network using windows printer sharing facility. same thing happens if any user try's to prints invoice by makin LQ-2180 default printer. I tried changin the page size to 8.5" by 11" but the result is the same!! Machine hangs and even i cant use ALT+CTRL+DEL... i have to reset the machine!!!

This problem seems to be with oracle coz anything accept ora forms and ora reports could use that printer while its default! Please help me in this and if there is a patch or something please give me the link so i could download the patch or an upgrade of this!

THanks in advance
waiting for the responce