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Thread: Query slow

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    Jul 2001
    Hi I have the following query
    SELECT Q.quoteid QuoteID,
    I.timestamp TimeStamp,
    Q.timestamp QTimeStamp,
    Q.instrumentid Security,
    Q.buyprice BidPrice,
    Q.sellprice OfferPrice,
    Q.buyqty BidQty,
    Q.sellqty OfferQty,
    Q.participantid Participant,
    QSE.shortdesc Status,
    NVL(Q.indicative, '0') Indicative
    FROM tibex_quote Q,
    tibex_quoteinstruction I,
    tibex_quotestatusenum QSE
    WHERE Q.lastinstid = I.instructionid and
    Q.quotestatus = QSE.quotestatus

    the where clause doing the '=' has millions of rows in each table is there a better way I could rewrite this.

    Thanks in advance..

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    Oct 2001
    Hello Netbar,

    Did you take a look at the execution plan ?

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