Hi gurus...

I tried to install Oracle 9i Application Server
(Rel 1 v1. on my W2K advance server with 500MB ram and Oracle 9i 9.0.1 DB installed.
My Oracle DB instalatio is on D drive and
I choosed C drive for the application server (enterprise installation option).
I always get the following JRE error message when proceeding
the first cd
"Not All the dependencies for the component Oracle Enter
prise Manager Common Files are found. Missing Component oracle.swd.jre"

I checked on the installation CD and there is no such JRE version on the directory of

I only found an JRE of "" in the above directory,
then I tried to copy whole distribution cd to my hard drive
and add JRE "" into the above directories, I got
this jre from Oracle 91 DB distribution cd.

But it still doesn't work.... ;-(
how to work around with this.....

thanks in advance....