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    Hey peps... ran across something today. I'm in the process of migrating Database 8.0.6 to Oracle 9.2 at the moment, and am implementing AUM, but I was alarmed by some tests I had performed, especially in a DSS enviorment and was wondering if others had similar experience.

    In 8.0.6 I had some procedures that ran with "SET TRANSACTION USE ROLLBACK...", and they ran pretty quickly, now I've migrating it, and commenting out the "SET TRANSACTION...", the process runs somewhat slower.

    Has anyone noticed BATCH processes running slower under AUM rather than MUM?

    Just curious..

    OCP 8i, 9i DBA
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    Oracle has to calculate the amount of transaction and select the right RBS. This automation itself has some overhead (calculating the size of transaction and allotting the righ RBS). I allways believe in manual settings for planned batch operations. Automated settings are usefull for OLTP kind of environment.

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