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    someone said i should use cygwin.... but im wondering how does cygwin relate to unix and oracle? i've read the product notes about cygwin and it's bascially devlopment tools that provide UNIX commands on a Win environment... but how would i learn Unix or Oracle for that matter thru this? am i correct to think that you could use commands such as ls, vi or grep ? and do i install oracle on top of this environment to emulate oracle on a unix machine? im confused.. =( If any of you have experience with this... please explain briefly..thanks in advance....

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    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
    I got cygwin running on my XP desktop.. (I ususally use LINUX desktop on my left. I usually used the LINUX box to connect to all my different servers I administer).

    I did get cygwin installed and running but it's tooo slow for me.. and I still couldn't get the cut and paste ablilty from console to Windows document. (For future reference and documentation purposes). I still have to use TELNET for that.

    The is also a cygwin addon called BlackBox, which you can, but it's only a single window. (Unlike LINUX in which you can have multiple desktops. I tried to get around this by downloading in installing a multiwindow environement for XP... it is VERY LIMITED... and slow. Especially when you have TOAD and OEM running at the same time.


    Good luck and sorry I can't be of more help.

    OCP 8i, 9i DBA
    Brisbane Australia

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