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Thread: SQL plus

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    HI all,

    If I have this statement
    SPOOL C:\SPACE_USAGE\tablespace_usage.txt

    select f.tablespace_name,a.total,u.used,f.free,round((u.used/a.total)*100) "% used",round((f.free/a.total)*100) "% Free" from
    (select tablespace_name, sum(bytes/(1024*1024)) total from dba_data_files group by tablespace_name) a,
    (select tablespace_name, round(sum(bytes/(1024*1024))) used from dba_extents group by tablespace_name) u,
    (select tablespace_name, round(sum(bytes/(1024*1024))) free from dba_free_space group by tablespace_name) f
    WHERE a.tablespace_name = f.tablespace_name
    and a.tablespace_name = u.tablespace_name;

    so I got the result, what SQL plus command for me to take out the SQL statment on my output ???


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    Jan 2001
    Can't you just open the .txt and delete it?

    Another option is to run the query, then turn on spooling, then just use the

    but you will still have to manually delete the first line since it will print

    I remember when this place was cool.

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