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Thread: Move Database Instances to a different box

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    Hello DBAs

    Oracle Version:
    IBM: Aix 4.3.3 RS/6000

    We have about 7-8 oracle instances in a development box across multiple filesystems (about 6 or 7) and we are planning to move about 5 of them to a different box.
    All these instances are development, and are avaeraging about 6GB per instance (max of 30GB).

    What are the pre-cautionary measures to take and steps required to accomplish this?

    If I shutdown the database instances (normally) and take an instance (1 instance) and have all the physical structure from different filesystems, move to another box, (new filesystems) transfer init.ora, listener.ora and few other important files is it enough to open the database on the new box. If yes, how will the control file identify new filesystems? If no, what is the solution?

    Thanks, ST2000

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    If OS, and Oracle Rel are same between dev box and the new dev box, use Transportable Tablespace option of export. It is simple, and easy.

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    Thanks Tamil:

    Please read below..

    I don't have similar instances in the new box. It has 2-3 instances. I want to be able to move entire instance as is to the new box, reducing the number of instances in present box. Suggest me, where I should be able to move much of it in all aspects. I don't want to be using exports as well..

    Thanx, ST2000

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