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    Hi Folks,
    I am new to Oracle Dev2000. I have consultated a few people regarding coding styles and they have diff. versions to it. My concern is ... should we use forms built-ins like create_record, delete_record, etc.(in a database block) more or just create a control-block and use insert and delete statements.
    Being new to Dev2000 makes me a little uncomfortable using the built ins as I feel that It doesnt give me much control. Moreover I need to know all the built_in and which triggers they need to be used in, in order to make full use of this utility.
    I just wanted to know your views on it and how I can get more out of my limited knowledge.
    Also I would really really really appreciate, if someone can email me a form or two which gives me a clearer picture of how things are done at the industry level.
    Thanks a lot in advance.


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    Try this link:

    the Developer tutorial starts at Lesson 8.


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    I appreciate your suggestion skid. But I am sure that you will agree that books on Dev2000 are very basic in nature (I have gone through most of the popular ones) and they do not give a fair idea of how things are done at the industry level.
    So if anyone has any more suggestions, ideas, tips and maybe some samples...that would be great.

    When in doubt ...go to the basics!!

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    built-in's are built-in for a reason: they simplify your work. If you don't want to use them, then don't. Just be prepared to write more code to do things like form_commit, exit(no_validate), and so on.

    In your docs, you should have one called (this is for 6i; who is still using 2000???) Oracle Forms Developer, Form Builder Reference, Volume 1, Part No: A73074-01. In this 748 page document, you can find syntax and examples of built-ins.

    When you get tired of writing the same code over and over again in different forms, consider using a built-in.

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