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Thread: Create User

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    Hi All
    I created a user ABC...and then logged in as Scott to grant select on EMP to ABC...and grant suceeded...But when ABC logged in wants to query EMP it says table doesnt exist...Y is that...i am on win2k and 9.2...Thanks in advance

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    create synonym for that table. or suffix the table name with it's owner

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    Thanks for reply but if logged in as SYS and say
    grant select on scott.emp to ABC and then grant suceeded
    after that ABC should be able to query by saying
    select * from emp;
    But ABC cant he gets mssg that table doesnt exist..y u need to create synonym for that...

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    Dear Friends

    You have to run the following command if you have not created synonym.

    SQL> select * from scott.emp;

    You have to mentioned the owner name while running the query even you have granted the permission.

    Or You can create synonym with EMP name and then you can run the following command.

    SQL> select * from EMP;


    Naresh Kakrani
    Oracle DBA
    Reliance Telecom Ltd

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