Hi Chaps,

Can someone give me any idea about what exactly is wrong when I am trying to load a record using SQL Loader and it comes up with the error

ORA-01026: multiple buffers of size > 4000 in the bind list

This errors seems to be misleading because I do not have any column value greater than 4000 chars long and it is a really simple load, and there are columns with values which are long, but none of them are longer than 2000 characters, and the control file has the columns specified as CHAR(2000) which seems to be ok for other loads. But I am facing a problem with this load. The datafile has just one record and I have checked all the values of all columns and nothing is wrong.

I checked Oracle's metalink and found none of the searches provided me with any useful info. I also checked this forum and found someone else encountered this error and asked for help sometime back, but it had no replies! Really, Is this error so terrible that there is no solution for this?