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    What is the difference between triggers and stored procedure? when should each be used?

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    Simple explanation:

    Triggers - fire in response to an event (After a user logs On, prior to an insert being made into a table, for every record deleted etc...).

    Procedures are code modules that can be invoked from any piece of code or PL/SQL. Triggers always fire - automatically - once they are defined when the event occurs and regardless of whether or not the invoking event was triggered from an application , or SQL or PL/SQL. Procedures have to be invoked from your code.

    So - if you need to do something no matter what causes the event to occur (ie) audit user access to the database via SQL, an application, ODBC etc then use a trigger.

    I use procedures for repetitive pieces of code (validation etc.). It makes code maintenenace much easier.

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