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    SQL> select count(*) "Number of Sequence" , SUM(CACHE_SIZE) "Cache Size Needed" from DBA_sequences
    2 /

    Number of Sequence Cache Size Needed
    ------------------ -----------------
    130 2560

    What should be set for SEQUENCE_CACHE_ENTRIES in initORCL.ora ?

    130 ? or 2560 ?
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    It doesn't matter what you set it at all, it has absolutely no influence whatsoever, unless you are using some very ancient release of Oracle.

    Since sequences were moved from row cache into library cache (sometime arount 7.2, I belive) that parameter was there only for backward compatibility. Check also http://www.ixora.com.au/q+a/params.htm

    In case you are using Oracle7.0 or Oracle6 or something like that, then set it to 130 for your situation - it was the number of sequences that mattered, not the number of values that were "cached". Because what realy is cached is the current number and the current HWM for each sequence, not the whole bucket of numbers for each of them.
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